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EUFr for French-speaking Unitarian Church

Online church for Unitarians, isolated sympathizers,

and existing Unitarian communities in the French-speaking world

traduit par Béatrice Schohn (Obenheim, Alsace)

It was founded in June 2008 on the initiative of the network for Unitarian Correspondence , based in Bordeaux, France. It spread quickly and offers various services.

EUFr is an internet link with already 60 articles posted as of January 23rd,2009, including :

- the EUFr library, information spot offering summaries of recent books

- a prayer space where visitors can find help inspiration for spiritual meditation and worship with French translation of monthly prayers sent to all Unitarians by the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists

- coming soon : a space where worshippers can share their personal experience of home services carried out on their own, with their family, friends, neighbours or with a community

- a new Unitarian site for Portugal.

It is also a real church with

- a 7-member board

- a chair-holding minister (check link to minister's chair)

- an applicant to the pastoral ministry in a 1-year training

- soon a spiritual group with members volunteering for a monthly worship, in their homes or in a community near them

- also soon social actions for the benefit of African countries

- and so on …

EUFr is also a congregation of approximately 1300 Unitarians

-    50 in France, Switzerland, Belgium (over 200 sympathizers)
-    50 in Quebec

-   100 in Burundi

-    50 in Congo Brazzaville

- 1000 in the Republic Democratic of Congo (RDC)

-    50 in Togo

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  • : Eglise unitarienne francophone
  • : Le courant unitarien est né au XVI° siècle et a été la "benjamine" des Réformes protestantes. Il se caractérise par une approche libérale, non dogmatique, du christianisme en particulier et des religions en général. Les unitariens sont près d'un million dans le monde entier. En pays francophones (en Europe occidentale : la France et ses oays d'Outre-Mer, la Wallonie, la communauté francophone de Bruxelles, la Suisse romane, Monaco et Andorre ; au Canada : le Québec ; et en Afrique noire), il s'e
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